DIY Backups – Part III

In the last two articles, we have laid the groundwork for getting our backups in place.  By now you should have your site selected, your server built and your router and firewall(s) configured. Now let’s talk about the last big preparatory item before we get to the backup itself. So what is this last step …

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DIY Backups – Part II

In the last article we talked about the fundamental requirements for our DIY backup solution. Now that we understand what’s required, it’s time to set the wheels in motion.  As I mentioned previously, our off-site backup server will be running Linux.  For this type of workhorse function, I prefer a lightweight OS, so I chose …

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DIY Backups – Part I

I'm a big believer in backups.  I've gone completely over the top in the past and have so many external backup devices that I found myself confused about which was which.  Knowing that a backup, by itself, wasn't enough, I eventually started storing my data in "the cloud" by leveraging Amazon's S3 service.  This meant …

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