Call Me

Have you ever needed to provide your phone number for something but didn't really want to? An example of this is placing a classified add. I've become a recent Craigslist convert and hate putting my number in adds because it can easily be abused by those trolling for telephone numbers to sell to marketing firms, etc.

With a free Internet service called Numbr, you'll never have to provide your personal telephone number again. The way it works is Numbr provides you with a temporary phone number that is configured to forward to a number of your choosing (home, cell, office, etc). When you setup your number forwarding, you also choose a lifetime duration for that number with expiration options lasting from one hour to one month.

Now I can post a phone number with my classifieds and not worry about my personal number getting into the wrong hands.

Not all of these "new fangled" services provide value, but this service sure does!