Skip to the Beep

How many times have you reached someone’s voice-mail and thought their message would never end. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m not the most patient person in the world; for those of you that do know me, I guess I’m not telling you anything new.

I used to work for a large cola company that had a very prevalent voice-mail culture. I quickly learned that there’s always a way to skip those irritating messages. The key is to know — well, the key. Unfortunately, all voice-mail systems are not created equal. That said, you’ll find that the # key or the 1 key will -usually- skip you straight to that beloved, beeeeep.

For those who make lots of calls from their cell and who closely watch those plan minutes, will be happy to know that this trick not only works on most traditional telephone systems, but it also works on cellular company voice-mail systems too. If you happen to know your party’s carrier, here’s a cheat sheet that you’ll find useful:

Cingular #
Sprint 1
T-Mobile #
Verizon 1